My research focuses on three ways that people commonly jeopardize their careers: by acting unethically, negotiating ineffectively, and sleeping insufficiently. Instead of focusing on self-defeating choices themselves, however, I focus on simple, theoretically-motivated measures that individuals can take to act more ethically, negotiate more effectively, and sleep longer or better. 

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  • Gunia, B. C. The bartering mindset.
  • Gunia, B. C. Adler, A. B., Bliese, P. D., & Sutcliffe, K. M. How are you sleeping? Sleep leadership, sleep health, and emotion regulation.
  • Gunia, B. C., Carriere, K., & Pei, Y. “You don’t want to do that”: Economic self-sacrifice as enlightened self-interest.
  • Gunia, B. C., Gish, J. J., & Mensmann, M. The weary founder: Sleep problems, ADHD-like tendencies, and entrepreneurial intentions.
  • Gunia, B. C., & Suslow, V. Y. Socially undesirable negotiations.

Thank You

To all of my collaborators. Thank you as well to the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, Negotiation & Team Resources, and the Dispute Resolution Research Center, all of which have helped to fund my research.